Hair Regrowth Laser Massage Comb

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This Hair Regrowth Laser Comb is the best chemical-free alternative to hair loss treatment. Let hair grow thicker, and healthier without undergoing invasive surgeries, applying creams or serums, or taking supplements or medication.

Utilizing laser light technology, it penetrates into the scalp through its bio stimulating vibrations, promoting blood flow circulation and resulting in the growth of new hair follicles. Grow hair back fully within 9 weeks of usage.

This revolutionary tool boasts of amazing features that allow hair regeneration, right in the comfort of your home!

  • Ultra-performing laser light technology for hair regeneration
  • Made with 7 Blue 470 Nanometer Energy Diodes and 7 other Red 660 Nanometer Energy Diodes
  • Improves blood circulation, prevents hair loss and helps the hair grow stronger, thicker and healthier
  • Creates and maintains a healthy environment for hair growth
  • Easy to setup, easy to use and painless 


  • Use daily for ten minutes like you would a normal brush or comb.
  • For people with very thin hair just brush it directly on the scalp like scalp massage.

Item Type: Hair Loss Product
Ingredient: Hair growth comb
Brand Name: Aichun
NET WT: 580g
Quantity: 1 pc
Model Number: 73484
Item type: hair loss product
item : Hair growth comb
quantity: 1 pc