EXPOSED: Home Skin Tag & Mole Removal System

Why you no longer have to suffer unattractive moles or skin tags.


Some moles look good (think Cindy Crawford) and some moles don't. Some can be referred to as "beauty marks," but most are really "blemishes," distracting from your attractiveness and making you self-conscious.

Do you ever wonder if people are listening to you... or just staring at your moles or skin tags?

Do you choose your clothes based on the location of your moles or skin tags because they make you feel ugly?

Or... Do people ever tell you that "You should get that checked out!"?

If so you're probably dealing with a mole or skin tag that isn't cute... And you're not alone because unfortunately, the bad ones seem to outnumber the good. And let's face it: If you're unlucky enough to have unsightly skin tags or moles on your face, neck, or body, you have two choices:

1. Get rid of them... OR:
2. Learn to love them.

The Cost of Getting Moles & Skin Tags Surgically Removed is Expensive

Nobody wants to live with moles or skin tags that they find ugly.

So why do we keep these things on our face and body?

Well, until now most people thought surgery was their only option, but suffering through a painful procedure that involves cutting or burning made this option unattractive.

And let's not forget, most surgical procedures almost always end with a scar often worse than the mole itself. Have a look below and see for yourself...

And what about the price?

Did you know the average cost for removal surgery is $300?!

That's right...

The average cost ranges from $100 to $500 and depends on a number of factors including shape, size and location on the body. Larger ones cost more to remove. Ones in highly visible areas must be removed more delicately, which results in a higher price.

Now for those who are desperate enough may find all this acceptable...

But most of us don't want to suffer through the pain, cost and embarrassment of surgery; and unfortunately we just learn to live with our unwanted moles or skin tags no matter how much they bother us.

Fortunately, that's no longer the case with Pixy Pen Pro.

In as quick as a couple minutes, this painless alternative to traditional surgery lets you take care of them by yourself -in the privacy of your own home. PLUS: You'll save hundreds of dollars!


Maybe you've been trying to "embrace" your moles and see them as beautiful, after all, Jennifer Lawrence and Gigi Hadid are both known for showing off their moles with no shame, but rumor has it that's only after removing the ones they didn't like.

But let's face it... Celebrities have access to the greatest cosmetic surgeons in the world and can afford to pay the extremely high prices these doctors charge.

But if embracing your moles or paying high priced surgeons isn't going to work for you, this new, affordable and painless solution is a game-changer.

Final Thoughts

There is no cutting, freezing, or other painful medical procedures... If you are thinking of removing a unwanted mole or skin tag, Pixy Pen Pro is by far safest and most convenient method of mole and skin tag removal. Its painless, quick, discreet and by far a much more affordable mole and skin tag removal option.

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  • Tohloria Lewis
    It worked as expected! I have been to the doctors office and aestheticians to have treatments done to get moles and tags removed and each treatment is above $1,000. It always takes more than one treatment. Because I have had treatments done before, I knew how to use the machine. You also can watch some YouTube videos which will help you with your do-it-yourself procedure if you have no idea how to use it. Really love it!
  • Tanya Porquez
    I've had skin tags and moles on my neck and back forever. Glad I tried this laser tool because I was able to remove almost all of them for a fraction of the cost. My girlfriend helped me do it and I couldn't be happier. A+ product.
  • Jennifer Jackson Mercer
    Happy with the results and how easy this pen is to use. I've always wanted to remove my moles and skin tags on my face and neck. It took a little to learn how to use, but after a few days all of the spots I wanted to remove were gone. P.S. I suggest using in the mirror or have a friend help you if it's in a hard to reach spot.
  • Katy Barrott
    Good product with good instructions. My Husband and I helped remove some moles at home. Bought an extra one for my mom too
  • Amanda Gibson
    Pretty happy with this product and the results. Works better than any other mole & skin tag remover creams I've used.
  • Julie Keyse
    This removed skin tags that I had on my neck pretty easily. Gave it a 4 out of 5 stars because I wish the battery lasted longer than 2 hours. Aside from that I'm very happy with it
  • Sarah Williams
    Worked better than the creams did and took a couple moles off my back. Quick shipping, was expecting 2 day but it took 3 days
  • Kirsten Bauman Riley
    This product is very light and easy to use. Found out you can't use it while its charging but aside from that it works great.
  • Celia Kilgard
    This was has been the only tool that has worked well for my moles. I've had professional removal by a dermatologist, but the results weren't that impressive and it cost me a lot of money. This is a portable version of the type of tools that the dermatologist uses. Within 2-3 days my small/medium sized moles were removed and good to go. I used the recommended Bioaqua scar removal cream and it helped out too. Good stuff
  • Alanna 'martin' Payne
    Bought this for my husband who has a lot of moles on his neck. Took a few trys to get it right, but it worked well for him. On his bigger mole it took about 2-3 days to be perfect, but he's happy and so am I.
  • Alice Chang
    Easy product to use to remove some of my skin tags. It does zap you ever so slightly, but I recommend taking your time with it. I did most of them myself but my husband helped me with some on the back of my neck. Works really well and is nice and portable.
  • Mark Fadlevich
    Little surprised with this honestly.. Worked pretty easy getting moles off. Definitely get the BioAqua lotion/scar remover they recommend to go with it. Helped prevent any scars and make the skin heal up super fast for me.
  • Amanda Hickam
    I've never bought anything like this before, but after getting it a few days ago, I'm happy to say I'm very impressed! I do recommend reading the instructions thoroughly so that you have the best results. I was able to take a couple skin tags off easily and they look great now. Everyone in the reviews recommended the scar remover cream and it seems to help a lot so far. Happy customer!
  • Brittany Jackson
    This little pen zapped off a annoying mole that's been bugging me for years. Definitely get the cream as it helps with the healing process.
  • Shellie Wilson Hodge
    So I've had moles and skin tags surgically removed in the past from doctors and spent thousands. I had a few left that I wanted to remove but didn't want to break the bank this time with surgery. So I purchased this pen and took a try at doing it myself at home. My wife helped me out since one was on the back of my neck. This pen worked really really good and it's the same type of tool that they use at the doctor for moles & skin tags. This is a portable version, but has the same effect. After we zapped them off, they healed really well and I used the cream to get good results. After removing them surgically and with this pen, I can honestly say this is a much much cheaper alternative which delivers similar results!
  • Jill Phongsa
    Really happy with the this laser pen. I removed a skin tag in literally 15 seconds!
  • Molly Murley Davis
    Got mine yesterday in the mail and immediately charged it and tried it out. The charge lasts about 2 hours and it can be charged with any usb port which is nice. I had one ugly skin tag and I was able to take it right off. I'm using the scar remover cream now and it's healing really nicely so far!
  • Jenna Ponchot Bush
    This mole removal kit seems worked very well for me, i noticed my darkspots were starting to go away. I really love it and would recommend to all.
  • Laura Kelch Miranda
    The mole removal products at CVS and Rite-Aid have never worked for me. They ALWAYS end up growing back which is really annoying. Gave this a shot and it worked just like videos. It doesn't really hurt at all. It has 3 different settings, and I was able to get it removed with level 1 and level 2. It's healing up nicely with the scar remover cream and I'm satisified with the results. Nice product, easy to use, and doesn't hurt.
  • Lauren Kirschenbaum Silver
    I bought this a week ago now and this pen definitely gets the job done! They recommended that I consult with my dermatologist before removing which I did. They checked out my moles that I wanted removed and said I could remove them. I didn't know that sometimes moles can be cancerous, so I was glad that they told me to get checked first!
  • Gotmy Mindframe Right
    With the help of my husband, I was able to remove all of my annoying skin tags. This doesn't hurt at all, but definitely surprises you the first time you use it. My tags healed up great and they haven't shown any signs of growing back. I recommend getting the scar remover cream as well!
  • Sarah Williams
    So exited with this product. I have a lot of moles and skin tags that are really bothering me. So I have this a try. And it works! For those who don't like slight pain then I would recommend the lower levels. I used all three stages. 1 is very week for the smaller ones. 2 you can feel the sting but nothing big and can see the burn. But with 3 will burn the mole immediately. Will smell slightly like burnt skin and I used a cotton ball with alcohol to clean the surface. Perfect!
  • Kirsten Bauman Riley
    Great product. I have a lot of freckles and wanted to get rid of them so I got this and it works. It comes with many tips and you can choose the speed of the device. A great thing about this product is the fact it doesn't require batteries. It's got a USB for charging the device.
  • Celia Kilgard
    Packaging came in nice box. Bought this for my friend as a gift . I'm sure she's gonna love this product .
  • Alanna 'martin' Payne
    Great little pen that fixed my daily annoyance of skin tags I had. Easy to use and doesn't hurt bad. Took a few days for it to heal but the finished result is very good. Happy with my purchase!
  • Alice Chang
    I have this, or something similar totally different than just cutting the skin, it's a laser so it stops the bleeding as you cut the skin. It's not painful (i have low tolerance for pain) worth every penny if your brave to do it yourself or someone do it.. a visit to the dermatologist costs waaayy more and i felt like they don't do a Good job to keep you coming back ($$) for them. Let me repeat again Worth it! I'm not paid from anyone, just my experience with it, you will smell burning flesh lol
  • Mark Fadlevich
    This device intimidated me at first, but after using it a few times I can say it’s user friendly. It is important to follow the directions and if you have moles to get them checked before removal. I was able to remove a few small moles and 2 skin tags.
  • Amanda Hickam
    Everything about this little laser pen is very nice! It holds a pretty long charge and works well against my moles and skin tags. It took me a little to figure it out but in the end it worked good. Try this on some fruit or something else before you touch your skin so you have an idea of how it works. I gave this 4 stars just because the packaging and box could use some work. But overall, the product works!
  • Brittany Jackson
    Packaging came in nice box. Bought this for my friend as a gift . I'm sure she's gonna love this product .